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Welcome Back

Welcome Back to our site, KEENE SOLUTIONS.  Yes, I’ve been absent for a short few months. When I returned, I had to start all over again with new site, all new blogs, and new theme. I’m more excited this time around, as I’ve explored other sites and gained a lil more education. You can never get enough education. Our goal is to publish blogs on a weekly basis and possibly have some guest bloggers as well. Please understand that we are from the country and graphics and pictures will reflect this usually pertaining to the subject at hand.

So I find myself redefining the purpose for my site. My passion is Informing others about Mental Health. This area affects everyone, either you have been diagnosed with a disorder or not. Our everyday life and stresses that go along with such as bills, family, work, just part of life. Acceptance is the first step and reaching out to someone can ease, help and assure you everything will be alright.

We also have several affiliate links to share with you. These have been personally used, purchased and reviewed by KEENE SOLUTIONS and usually provide a detailed blog about such products before posting to our site. These affiliate links may or may not have any connection too Mental Health as we also promote Self-Improvement programs, business tools, earning money online and other products and programs that has been offered to us to promote.

KEENE SOLUTIONS highly encourages opinions, suggestions, references and input to help us to better our devotion to our audience. We will be starting a newsletter in next couple of months and hope you sign up to receive them and promotions in your email box. Our goal is also to provide private counseling vie Zoom to those who need to vent or need encouragement in life. Not all of us are fortune enough to have a support team for our dreams and futures we seek. I totally understand this as I personally was not fortunate to have a support team myself. I will be providing a private email for your connection.

We look forward to serving you, helping you find solutions to issues, comparing products to help you make a consumer decision about purchasing or not purchasing products and programs that you seek to find. Be sure to leave comments, and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

L. Keene


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