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Are you needing some motivation? What is motivation?

Are you needing some motivation?

What is motivation?

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. The general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Enthusiasm, Motive to start, and complete a project. I call this my “mo-jo” lol. I can or can not get my mo-jo on for this project, or a blog I want to write. Once a person has motivation, they can become super heroes, top-notch sales people, winners or just a project completer. Most people can start a project, but completing one has its own challenges.

Example: We may take a break to get a drink from mowing the lawn. It’s hot outside. A person probably finds themselves cooling-off in air conditioner, sitting down, just taking a break which turns into… Motivation escapes, or just got lazy as I do. No one wants to go back out and work to sweat and get tired, when they can be cool and relax, but the yard has to be mowed. I usually wait til late evening, as do most people. We have others that is their everyday job. Getting out in hot sun to mow yards or another job. When I worked construction, I found it much easier to handle the hot day if I got out right before daylight. I worked around asphalt at that time.

We may have talk ourselves back into the job, we realize the consequences of over grown lawn or we may have a significant other who helps us to find motivation. {That’s a whole other can of worms, so we’ll pick that subject up another time. lol} Either way, the yard get finished. Now It looks good. It feels good to have accomplished the yard and we are admired by our neighbors.

Not just yet, the weed eater has to put up, the mower needs spraying grass off, and a lil sweeping might be called for on the sidewalk. We want it to Completely be in nice shape, look better. I mean, you never know who will stop in for a visit.

There are 4 types of motivation.

First, there is Extrinsic. This type comes from the outside, and is referred to as an Action motivation. This type usually comes from our boss tell us to do a particular job, a command, but also receive a reward, like getting paid money for our effort. It’s less useful when we want a person to be self-driven. “We see the yard needs mowing”. We live there, look out the window and the yard hasn’t moved. It’s not going to get up and walk away. It’s waiting on us. Watching our every move as we look out the window at that yard. It will remain there until its maintenance is cared for.

Second, there is Intrinsic. This type of motivation comes from within one’s self. This may be a personal interest one may have. We may take pride in having the best mowed yard in the neighborhood. It’s value speaks for itself or we get pleasure from riding the mower around in circles. The distinctive aspect if the yard is not maintained we find ourselves feeling guilty, or reminded endlessly by our spouse, that the other neighbors have mowed their yard and ours is not. It now becomes the worse yard in the neighborhood from our guilt. I’d rather just pay someone to take care of the mowing. I’m busy with work, otherwise.

Third, Is called Identified motivation. We “know” the yard needs mowing. Yet we procrastinate, dread the action or just plain lazy to get out there and “get r done”. Here again, I find myself just paying some to mow yard. What if we have those projects we can’t or don’t want to hire some to do project for us? Because, of course, we lack the motivation?

Tips For Motivation

Ask a friend over to help or just to talk with while you may clean the house. This is referred to as Codependency in some cases. I tend to have codependency when I’m depressed, or lack of motivation, and my worse one, exercise. I dread exercising. Seems too much like work, but if I have someone to talk with, the time goes by quickly

Another suggestion is turn on some favorite music. Some music you can dance to while cleaning house or a project. This keeps the mind in an upbeat motion, less dwelling, and focus, unless we get to thinking about the song. Don’t think, just listen to the music, dance your way to finish line and get the project at hand completed.


Whatever type of motivation helps you, use it to your advantage. Do’t let to dreading of action put you in a bad mood. That mood reflects towards other and we don’t want to go there. Consider hiring someone for the job. Planning ahead helps. Write the project down and make a plan before the time arrives. This eliminates the dread, solves the issues before time due arrives and makes for a better you.

Good Planning, L. Keene

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