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Are You Keeping Check on Your Mental Health?

“No one Needs You More Than You Need Yourself”

Self-Checking Your Mental Health

What is mental health? It is described as…”a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. This affects our thinking, and how we physically feel. Are you a conscious person about your physical health? Do you eat health food? Do you get adequate physical exercise? If you are this kind of self-aware person, then your mental health should be just fine. You are not a stressed person, you have no anxiety issues, you are sleeping well at night, and you are coping normally thru your daily routine. You communicate well with family, co-workers and friends. Or do you? A person can click over to Test your mental health to find out.

These are reason why we need hobbies, time to yourselves to reground outside our normal daily routine. Think about it, you are not thinking about work, bills to be paid, or all those chores that pile up thru the week. Grounding is essential to our mental health. Just because you have not been diagnosis with a disorder, doesn’t mean that mental health doesn’t exist in your life. It’s vital to maintain a healthy mental state of mind to function properly. We are more productive at work, enjoy the small things of family, and can just have a piece of mind.

Study show, less than 3% of America’s population, age 25-34, are physically and mentally healthy. I about feel out of my chair when I read this study. I really believe the study needs updating. 2020 alone shows suicide was up 35%. Honestly, I’m not physically healthy, but I’m not a member of the average population either. (more on this later) Some may find difficultly trying to balance work, family, and a social life a bit overwhelming. Make time for yourself, just to clear your mind and not think of anything for a short period if none at all.

Do you have Unhealthy Mental Symptoms?

The list of symptoms is rather long. Unhealthy mental symptoms are very common to the majority of the population, including children. Behavioral problems, get in trouble at school, find yourself in jail (more than once), arguing with your significant other, substance abuse, mood swings, PTSD, and depression. Are you happy with your life in general? If the answer is no: it’s time for a change, you think? Children suffer more than we realize at the time. They are resilient, Right? Wrong. An unhealthy home life cause can cause extreme abnormalities as an adult.

Symptoms can be related to life experiences, our family history, and the worst… biologically passed down thru generations of depression, or even schizophrenia. Family history of substance abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide, sleeping and eating disorders of mental illness just to name a few. This affects at least 25% of the American adult population not including the children. Approximately only 10% seek (or court ordered) any treatment or therapy. Most folks just stick with “family tradition”. Change is hard and most people don’t have will power for self-improvement.

These symptoms are very real and more common than we realize or are consciously aware of. Then again, most people don’t care as long as it does not affect them personally. An individual once told me he didn’t want to be “labeled”. What does this mean? He didn’t want to be told or diagnosed as Bi-Polar but it was acceptable to be a convicted felon? A criminal, in and out of jail. He was given the opportunity to take medication several times. Even a chance for therapy and lead a normal, or close to it, life. Hum, I chose the latter. He’s still in a penatentry.

I, myself was diagnosed with manic-depression-bi polar at a young age. I was grateful for this discovery and realization. The diagnosis made me more self-aware of my behavior, my attitude towards others, and sleeping disorder. My anxiety was off the chain because my parents yelled at me often. So I said to myself, “Self, we are not living long like this” which, in turn, caused me to seek any help of a psychiatrist, self-improvement skills, perhaps creating “my own lil world”, “drove my own bus” are a couple of phrases that I heard thru the years. Resulting in… A happier me. I try to be a good person. I like me. Strong-welled and I’m fun. I like a positive attitude and respect and I also require this from those around me. Considering myself a problem solver and I desire to offer help to others. I consider myself a self-educated woman. For over 35 years I have studied mental health.

I had the time of my life coast-to-coast…until I gave birth to 3 children. It was then, I realized the unconditional love, like my Savior, gives to me. Life became a “field trip”. New experiences of what inner strength it takes to be responsible for another persons’ life. I drove the school bus, ball games, and many “field trips” until…they became adults.

I’m sharing this with you because, 85% of population will experience depression. A death, divorce, including “empty nest syndrome” is likely to cross our path in life. It’s according to “how we cope” which makes us survivors or not. I took my heart and soul to my Savior, 8 months long, He can teach lessons like No other. Then I proceeded to a “Mindset” changing program, 3 months long. This process was a rude awakening to me. Changed a few bad habits and picked up a couple more lol. Now, I can breathe and laugh again. I was inspired to start this website to be able to share, with you, and offer my experience, my education, and help thru my website; by using my blogs, my support and the programs I offer this will and do experience life changing, maturing and continue to live a life of happiness, and grandchildren lol. Those who read this can contact me thru Keene Solutions I will leave my e-mail at bottom of blog.

Treatment and Tips

There is a solution. Treatments and support are available in your area. Resource can be found. Did you know this chocolate boosts the endorphins, better known as the “feel-good” chemical of your brain. Suggested before a meeting, or before work. It allows a more positive outlook in your mood, if only temporary. Most of us drink coffee. Studies have shown coffee to boost brain function. Caffeine promotes stimulation. This stimulant blocks adenine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain this makes you sleepy. Sign up for subscription news letter for more on this and more here.

Stay Positive

Exercise is a positive, Be sociable, having friends has many benefits we all know. Meditation has been found to be a benefit to staying positive. Clear your mind for 15 minutes in the morning just to be alone. Go outside or to the closet with no interruptions. Yoga is a great exercise. Read a book. Pick a self-improvement topic. Keene Solutions is offering a suggested one inside my products called Brain Boost just click for more. Get away for the weekend. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Consider a new hobby or skill that is of interest to you. Go Fishing, this one is my favorite lol. Be self-aware of stress, eating disorders, PTSD and more. Take Action for a “Change”. Do your very best to be kind to others, helping any chance you can. If not, refer someone who can. lol A change is better than stress and anxiety.


I have left several links for you highlighted in blue. Please take advantage of these references for your use or someone you know. Be aware of your mental health. I feel a morally obligated to provide the National Suicide hot line,

More Mental information

1-800-273-8255 Suicide Lifeline
alone time with nature


“No one Needs You more than you need yourself.”


L. Keene


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