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Ain’t Easy

Should someone tell you…

That website building can be done in 10 minutes, find you a new buddy. I had rather wrestled a mule to the ground. 10 minutes, my rear end. I’m working day and night, 7 packs of notebook paper so far. 12 folders of special sections. Started over three times and it’s built yet.

The first time I choose a theme too complicated for my first time. Non functional and difficult to read. I was indexed by search engines, then that stopped quickly. I would go into program to add or adjust a post and mess the whole program up. I couldn’t even force friends to visit because you were unable to move page to page. Doesn’t sound encouraging, huh?

I knew I was at the right place.

I had chosen Wealthy Affiliates outta Canada. I had tried several other programs prior to Wealthy Affiliates, but I couldn’t get the support I needed, or service, or quality. Recently I wrote a review about the research experience. You can see for yourself here Review of website providers, I enjoy writing and research, but I didn’t get the banner to operate. I’m gonna try again inside this blog.


Practice Banner

Determined to succeed

Don’t let anyone tell you, “You Can’t “. Show them how well you can, if you will keep trying. I’ll bet you Ben Franklin didn’t discover electricity his first experiment. Ole Ben probably failed over 100 times before he shocked himself lol. Ole Ben just kept on trying, till…he proved his theory


Keep at it, until you succeed

If you quit, it will be wasted time. Depressing, embarrassing and could have a detrimental affect towards you well being for some time to come. Believe in yourself. Speak in the mirror, ” I can do this”. How bad do you want it? How badly are you in need of the results that can be produced by your completion?

I believe in me. I am devoted, determined, and committed to building a Welcoming, readable, functional and delightful website for you and myself.

I’m looking so forward to helping you find a solution to any self-improvement skills you seek, or relief of mental health issues we all experience. We can help each other.

Leave me your thoughts. Come back and see how I made it work. Tell others and leave suggestions please. Hope to see you again soon

L. Keene

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