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About Me and Goals for this Website

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Hello, I’m Lisa, the administrator of this page. I’m on a new journey in life. I’m giving my best shot to the online world. Called the “laptop life”, would give me a chance at more free time with my family. To be honest, I’m really enjoying all the learning. I am a mama of 3 and have 3 grandchildren. I am a country al and you will find my pictures express this.

You will find my blogs about Mental Health, as this is my passion to inform, educate, and provide references to professional help. Also, a bit of counseling along the way. Everyone needs a place to vent or share their issues.

At the same time, I will be promoting products thru affiliate marketing, reviewing about products thru blogging as well. I’m very much an open mind of suggestions and interest in products that others are looking for. I expect to do my best to help you find, and compare to other like products.

You will find Self Improvement blogs, promotions and products that you may find helpful in your everyday life.

I also look for, try out and will be share ways to make some extra cash online. We all could use extra cash for unexpected times and expected occasions. I hope they will be useful to you as well.



I seek to help other better their life because I’ve been there myself without a support team. It helps and encourages one’s self to have a person on their side. Feeling alone can cause physical pain and misguided trails along the way.



My goal is to inform, assist, encourage, and support others in whatever areas of their life. Feel free to share comments so that I can improve my new website. Suggest products that are of assistance to you. I hope to be adding a private email shortly to contact be. Please be patient, as we are growing, expanding and eager to assist.


Lisa Keene

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